Life Coaching with Janet

Aside from my coaching credentials, I have personal experience in dealing with cancer diagnosis and treatment, with loved ones in the depths of drug and alcohol abuse, with the overwhelming stress of parenting, with relaunching a career in later life and learning how to finally focus on self-care and not just the care of everyone around. I’m experienced in working with women going through similar issues to those that I’ve dealt with in my own life and all those who are ready to make a change in their personal and professional lives, to heal and grow emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I love knowing they are open and honest and ready to transition and transcend into owning their power and are fired up and ready to step into making choices that serve their best self.

“Jump, and you will 

find out how to unfold

your wings as you fall."

~ Ray Bradbury

I would like to think coaching is a partnership between coach and client, harnessing one’s own ability to make change in their life – we explore new ideas and possibilities together, formulate achievable goals, and carry out a plan to achieve those goals.  

We work together in an environment of trust and confidentiality to identify what is really important for them. Coaching is specific and a safe guided process of interaction and self discovery over a period of time.  I will assist each client to expand your views of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights. 

"My vision is to inspire people to embrace wellness

and to promote healing and transformation.” ~Janet

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