Finding Peace in Our Changing World

Covid19 will bring about several changes in our world. One of which I hope, will awaken and heighten consciousness in how we choose to live and experience life.

Will we have a shift in our perspective? How differently will we connect with each other? Will self compassion and loving kindness grow and deepen more significantly than ever before?

How courageously will we move forward and not back track or revert to old ways that do not serve us?

I imagine, many of us will experience shifts in perspectives and priorities as our world transitions through this pandemic. ● Imagine finding peace as we live out our values with integrity and grace. ● Imagine deepening levels of consciousness in our hearts as we trust the process. ● Imagine opening our hearts with daily gratitude. ● Imagine living a mindful life of loving kindness as new ways evolve in finding peace in our world. ● Imagine practicing daily gratitude to support healthier emotions like joy and laughter. ● Imagine choosing generosity over greed, compassion over judgement, love over hatred as we live our new normal.

We as humans will embrace environments that support, promote and enhance our well being. Surrounding ourselves and spending time in nature and with those we love, will be a silver lining to living in isolation. Consequently, having extremely positive effects on the body, mind and spirit. Peace will arrive!

With the summer months coming, I invite you to pause and take a moment. Close our eyes and imagine the relaxing sounds of the ocean, and the lull of the ocean breeze. The sound of the ocean resembles pranayama breathing - a life force, a breath followed by the control of an exhale. The connection of pranayama and the sound of the ocean evokes a meditative experience. Now, visualize a clear blue sky dispersed with puffy white clouds and a few peaceful birds chirping. I invite you to breathe in this peaceful scene. What are you experiencing as you surrender and contemplate life without expectation or judgement? Whether we are physically present in this environment or imagining we our present has many therapeutic benefits. It soothes the soul, increases mood, calms the mind, and increases our awareness and consciousness. Take a deep breathe in and a deep breathe out, experience, sense or feel this amazing scene as it embraces and empowers your well being. Gently notice your connection to the world around with a sense of compassion and gratitude, finding peace in the present.


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