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These are my products to purchase. Enjoy feeling well!

Welcome and thank you for stepping into this Beyond Yoga Wellness Journey. My name is Janet Muller and my mission is to empower my clients toward self discovery and transformation, to enlightenment and peace. 


Let’s talk about the 6 week Beyond Yoga Journey.  It will be a journey of exploration and discovery on how to connect your body, mind and soul in such a way that it begins to nourish itself from the inside out.  You will strengthen and stretch your body, improve the quality of your thoughts, quiet the chaos of the mind, build mental resilience and create healthy boundaries surrounding self care on all levels of wellbeing.


The Yoga and Beyond course gives you digital/internet access to a set of six practices in Yoga, Meditation and valuable Life Coaching tips. 



Yoga & Beyond 6 Week On line Course

  • A yoga mat or blanket

    2 yoga blocks or 2 paper towel rolls

    Yoga Cushion, Folded blanket, or Couch pillow

    Journal or Sacred Space for Reflection

    Openness & Vulnerability 

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