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​My coaching journey ultimately led me to achieve an Associate Coaching Certification with International Coaching Federation, which holds the highest standards for professional coaches worldwide.


I incorporate techniques and strategies to coach clients to achieve what they want out of their life, career, and relationships. My purpose and passion is to share my knowledge, optimism, enthusiasm and determination to empower others. 




Yoga is a significant part of my life and keeps me grounded and positive through life's transitions. 


Two of my goals are:

  1. To provide a path to wellness for every body, at every level and every budget.

  2. To motivate those present in my life to strive towards balance, peace and harmony on a consistent basis.


"We have all the tools we need to live a genuine and whole life.

We have all the answers we are looking for, buried within us. 

This doesn't mean that we won't experience feeling stuck, lost, confused or unable to find a sense of balance."

Janet Muller



Associate Certified Coach, The International Coaching Federation

Certified Life Coach, Transform Coaching Academy 

Certified RYT Yoga Teacher

ERYT Certified Yoga 4 Cancer Teacher

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