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Embrace & Elevate Your Wellness


The Goals:

  • Provide a fresh start to all areas of your wellness.

  • Identify specific areas that need support.

  • Increase self awareness to overcome habits, challenges, fears and roadblocks that do not serve.

  • Discover unlimited possibilities to embrace and elevate your journey.

  • Develop healthy boundaries that support you. What is possible outside old boundaries?

  • Create a plan, take action and choose accountability.

  • Pursue a kinder self talk and take more time to celebrate all your wins rather than dwelling on your setbacks.


The Details:

  • Private Facebook Group for daily support.

  • Expect to meet for 50 minutes every week for 6 weeks on a specific day/time to be determined.

  • The meetings will take place on zoom and each of you will have the opportunity to connect with those on a similar journey.

  • We will embrace confidentiality, openness, trust, vulnerability, support and accountability.

  • Each session will begin with a centering and grounding reflection, gentle stretching to release tension and calm the mind.

  • Individual option available. 

6 week Coaching Course

Investment to Embrace & Elevate Your Wellness


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